Happy Christmas from Darren and Simon

With only a month to the wedding and only one night before Christmas Day, we’ve been looking back at what has probably been the best year of our lives. The world is going to shit, politics is a farce on either side of the Atlantic, global warming, Brexit, Trump, Maduro, people are eating Tide Pods, but Simon and I are very happy together. I know that as long as I have him, I’ll get through any storm.

Our second year in Edinburgh has been busy, exciting, stressful and fun. And we’re so happy that we’ve been able to share it with so many of our friends. We’ve made ourselves a lovely new group of friends in the Scots capital, but we’ve also had so many visitors from Dublin (and beyond) to ensure we know we aren’t forgotten. And that was my biggest fear when I took on the Edinburgh job and made the move – I would lose all the people dear to me. Incredibly, quite the opposite has happened – we’ve become closer to so many and we have had a year full of amazing people, new places and some fabulous parties.

“Yay, I’m the tall on for once”

Our Christmas Day will be a quiet one. I’m making a turkey dinner for us (as I type this, I realise I have some prep I need to do, so I better get to it) and we’ll spend much of the day eating, drinking and watching Christmas TV. In the evening, we’ll meet some friends for drinks and some bad dancing (ok, Simon dances well – I do not).

We want to wish all of you, our friends and family, a very Happy Christmas! You have no idea how excited we are that we’ll be seeing many of you in a month’s time in Dublin. Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all!

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