Accommodation in Dublin

Dearest guests, a lot of you live in Dublin, so won’t need to read any further. In which case, move along, there’s nothing for you here. Some of you are coming from further afield. Some of you are coming up from Wexford, over from Edinburgh, across from Hertfordshire, and some of you are even making the journey across the Atlantic. For you, I’ve put together a short guide on accommodation in Dublin city centre. Firstly, Read More…

We’ve found a sweet spot for our wedding!

How is it November already? Where did the year go? Why did Netflix cancel Luke Cage and Iron Fist? Where are Darren and Simon getting married? Those are the burning questions in everyone’s mind for the last couple of weeks and finally we can answer at least one of them: we’re hosting our wedding and party in Dublin’s The Sugar Club. We wanted a place a bit left-off center and artsy fartsy, and once we Read More…

Wedding Update #1

We’ve found a Sweet Corner of Dublin to celebrate our big night. Are you ready? Any guesses?

Carta de cosas que pasaron sin haberlas contado

Familia y amigos, Tenemos tiempo sin escribirnos, el contacto se ha limitado a varios y dispersos “Me gusta” en redes sociales y a saludos enviados a través de mi mamá, quien es mucho mejor que yo en mantener contacto con gente buena como ustedes. Principalmente es mi culpa por no encontrar el tiempo y también por no saber cómo entrar en una conversación que nunca he tenido con varios de ustedes hasta ahora: estoy enamorado Read More…

Ooooh, the excitement

I can’t believe the day is nearly here. Simon has actually agreed to spend the rest of his life with me. The fool!!!! We’re hoping to regularly update the wedding blog with our thoughts on life, love, the future, and baby goats.